Who am I

Hello everyone!

My name is Eman. I live in Brussels, Belgium. If you are facing pregnancy problems, and want to live the joy of giving birth, then you are in the right place.

I have had the same experience, lived through the struggle of not being able to give birth, and experienced all those psychological phases that you must be going through now. I fought for so many years to be able to give birth, and this agonizing experience taught me a lot about what I should do, and more specifically, what I should not do to have a baby.

I am now a mother of two wonderful kids, a boy (Ismael), and a girl (Nadia).I decided a few years ago to work as a fertility consultant ‎‎‎‎to be able to help all women who are facing difficulties conceiving, and to help them achieve their dream of having a baby.


For the last ten years, I have been able to help hundreds of women to successfully conceive and feel the joy of motherhood.

Now, I’d like to share with you all this experience that I acquired over the years so you can benefit from it.


Every day I assist couples who contact me through:

  • Consulting the best Belgian physicians specialized in problems of infertility (‎‎‎‎Scheduling, Advising, Translating….etc).
  • Working with doctors to determine the most effective treatment that should enable them to have a baby.
  • Accompanying them in their medical journey.


If you are interested in knowing more about infertility problems, you will find a lot of free tips on my Youtube channel. No matter what the reason behind your infertility might be, just know that there is a cure!

Quit having dark thoughts, stop blaming yourself, and stop using these ”magic” creams, those silly meals, and meaningless treatments.

The solution is pretty simple, trust medicine, and the incredible advances achieved by the scientific researches every year in this field. The only solution is consulting with the best infertility specialists!

I suggest that you try the only effective way, and I put the experience of the best infertility specialists in Belgium at your disposal. Those specialists have developed the best scientific treatments to combat infertility.

How can you be in touch with those specialists while you live outside Belgium?

you will find the answer on this website.

I hope I can help you as soon as possible to achieve your goal of being a mother.