Why travel to Belgium to receive treatment ?

  • Doctors‎

The level of training that Belgian doctors receive is extraordinary, and their medical skills are recognized around the world. Belgium has won a total of ten Nobel prizes, four of which were awarded in medicine, and is always on top of the list of the best medical systems of 175 tested countries.

The reputation of Belgian doctors is widely known in the field of fertility, and since you are visiting our website now; this is evidence that you’ve already heard of that solid reputation.

I can also assure you that this reputation is very well-deserved, as Belgian fertility centers are the best globally, and for that exact reason, patients come from all around the globe to receive treatment.

  • Quality of medical equipment‎‎‎‎‎

Belgium invests Enormous sums of money in its‎‎ health system.‎‎‎

And Belgian hospitals have been equipped with the best technological instruments that make receiving more effective treatments possible.

It is also important to know that many of the medical devices used in the field of fertility were invented by Belgian researchers (for instance: The procedure of Microinjection that was developed by professor Devroey and is used now in all fertility centers around the globe).


  • Reasonable cost of treatment‎‎‎‎‎

The cost of treatment in Belgium -even in the private Structures- is considered to be significantly lower than the other European countries.

So if you had received treatment in Europe or The United States before, you will definitely notice that the cost of receiving treatment at Belgian hospitals is much lower.


  • The ease of travel to Belgium

You can easily travel to Belgium, the capital of Europe, by road, trail (TGV), or plane.


And for these reasons, you should travel to Belgium to receive treatment, and have a greater chance at pregnancy.

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